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Damping Even The Smallest Displacements

While fluid viscous dampers perform well under seismic loads that result in medium to large displacements, sometimes structures need dampers for smaller displacements. In these cases, low amplitude dampers can be used to apply damping to a more.

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Why Is Retrofitting Necessary?

If you're a building owner and received a notice that your building needs to be retrofitted, you probably have a few questions about why it is even necessary. While it may seem like just another added expense, seismic retrofitting has many benefits.

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Playing It Safe: Protecting Fans Around the World

Whether it’s from seismic activity, excessive winds, or even large motion caused by spectator movements, stadiums around the world depend on Taylor Devices to keep fans safe.       (Header Image: chargers.com)

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UNDEX Shock Isolation – Protecting the World’s Largest Naval Fleet & Allied Navies Around the World

UNDEX is a term used to specifically define underwater explosions. UNDEX Shock Isolators can be used to protect vital equipment, weaponry, and personnel on ships and submarines, and therefore comply with shock survivability requirements that have.

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Earthquake Protection: Expectations vs. Reality

The next major earthquake to strike somewhere in the Western US is imminent. This earthquake not only poses a threat to building occupant safety, but also economic recovery. While building codes and seismic design criteria have improved over the.

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How Vibration Control in Data Centers Can Protect Our Modern Lives

Data Centers have become vital to our always connected lives but are extremely vulnerable during seismic events. Learn how vibration control through a base isolation system can significantly reduce this risk.

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Vibration Isolation Systems for the Space Industry

Vibration Isolation Systems are used on Launch Gantries, Mobile Launch Platforms, and in Space to mitigate shock and vibration during launch, protecting important electronic equipment from damage.

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Built for Space, Adapted Here on Earth

The Metal Bellows Damper uses technology that was developed for NASA and built to meet the rigorous requirements of spaceflight, but has since been adopted to protect structures here on Earth.

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The History of Taylor Devices

As Taylor Devices, Inc. approaches its 65th anniversary, we look back at how the company began, how it has changed over the years, and where it stands today.

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